Ideal for the self managed community with a Board of Directors that have association oversight skills, but lack the technology needed to help them properly and efficiently fulfill their responsibilities. APM’s Virtual Property Management Services makes the software available to the Board of Directors. State of the art ASYST Property Management Software with interfacing ability to virtual banking system makes it easier, efficient and cost effective for the self managed community. Some of the benefits of Accounting Management Services are:

  • Full Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Full General Ledger
  • Accounting on accrual or cash basis or combination
  • Customized financial reports
  • All reports printed at your own site or home office including financial reports, owner histories, vendor histories, rosters, sign-in sheets, owner directories and many more.
  • Insurance renewal, contract renewals and tracking tickler file
  • Website portal which can be used by Board members located on site or in conjunction with the APM staff providing additional off-site services.

Online Banking and Lockbox!

APM does the bookkeeping for you, you take care of everything at the property. From collecting the assessments to the monthly financial report, let us do the bookkeeping.

Our website portal allows you as a Board Member to send violation letters to homeowners, track important date sensitive items that need to be taken care of, see all documents pertaining to your HOA and receive all bookkeeping items straight from the management company.

Spend less on postage!

No need to mail out notices or newsletters, put them on the website so every homeowner has access.

No need for copy costs!

A small association with 50-100 units could easily spend $150.00 to $200.00 per month on postage and copy costs. Eliminate those costs by having the homeowner sign up for access to their information! No more Board Packets, financials, collection reports from the management company mailed out each month. Get them yourself from the website and even print them if you want to.

Monthly Charges

1-100 units = $499.00 101-300 units = $599.00 301-400 – $699.00 over 401 units please call for pricing

Call Tiffany at 480-941-1077 ext 17 for more information or to sign up!

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