Keep in constant touch with the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to their complex as well as what’s happening in the office.

Attend monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and annual board meetings.

24 hour emergency phone numbers available 7 days a week.

Secure as many bids as the Board desires, as well as update bids for existing services, such as lawn service, pool maintenance, painting, or any other services deemed desirable by the Board.

Perform exterior painting, cleaning, dry wall repair, or any other decorating of common-area (via sub-contractors or on-site maintenance) with close supervision of the Board.

Purchase all supplies at the lowest possible price, yet obtain the best quality by buying in bulk or establishing accounts for the complex.

Hire and manage on site employees. Supervision of all work performed and completed at the complex that is the responsibility of the Association. We emphasize immediate followup on all major as well as minor work performed.

Preparation of the annual budget for approval of the Association Board of Directors.

Collect and maintain accounts on a timely basis in accordance with the C.C.&R.’s. Accurate accounting for all deposits made into the operation account.

Financial statements will be prepared and distributed to each Board Member at least 3 days prior to each monthly Board meeting.

Accurate accounting for all the money coming in and going out of this company’s office for the Association will be copied and copies will be provided to Board of Director members. These copies will include: financial statements, bank reconciliations, along with any other pertinent financial documents.

Computer oriented status of account records are kept on each individual homeowner’s account to be able to give a clear picture of a payment history.

All employees handling funds and making decisions on behalf of the board will be insured. Hire, motivate, pay, supervise, and discharge personnel for the complex.

Pay salaries and other deductions through an in-house accountant, thereby maintaining very accurate payroll and tax records.

Properly train and support your maintenance people through an in-house training program. We also urge maintenance people to attend seminars on the latest pool service, maintenance and sprinkler systems, etc..

Establish priorities on a daily basis for all maintenance personnel. Through our field representatives, your onsite maintenance man’s time can be spent on problem areas that need more attention than other daily chores.

Disbursements of money from the complex will be done twice a month to assure good credit and discounts with vendors.

All records are to be maintained in a businesslike manner, and will be available to board members during regular business hours.

Swift collection policies are maintained to eliminate delinquencies before they become a problem.


What is homeowner insurance? HO6 policy as it is often called is just like any other insurance. People may be unaware what exactly it is and/or if they need it. Homeowner insurance is just like any other insurance – it protects your investment and since your HOA doesn’t cover the contents of your home, you need your own coverage. It is ‘just in case’ and recommended to people who have or are considering purchasing, leasing or have a mortgage.The HO6 policy can also cover the bulk of your deductible that can be anywhere from a minimum of $5,000 all the way up to $25,000 on the "Master" policy that your Association carries.

Where do you get the insurance? Previous insurance companies can be a good source of information and generally give discounts if you purchase more than one product (i.e. car and home). Be sure to talk to several insurance companies before making a final decision. It is important to purchase the right kind of insurance at the right price for you.

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